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All functions

Find the Pearson correlation of a sparse matrix efficiently
pairwise_cor() pairwise_cor_()
Correlations of pairs of items
pairwise_count() pairwise_count_()
Count pairs of items within a group
pairwise_delta() pairwise_delta_()
Delta measure of pairs of documents
pairwise_dist() pairwise_dist_()
Distances of pairs of items
pairwise_pmi() pairwise_pmi_()
Pointwise mutual information of pairs of items
pairwise_similarity() pairwise_similarity_()
Cosine similarity of pairs of items
squarely() squarely_()
A special case of the widely adverb for creating tidy square matrices
widely() widely_()
Adverb for functions that operate on matrices in "wide" format
Cluster pairs of items into groups using hierarchical clustering
Cluster items based on k-means across features
widely_svd() widely_svd_()
Turn into a wide matrix, perform SVD, return to tidy form